Namah Shivaya


Welcome to our site dear readers, which is our minute effort to uplift the truth and defend Shaivism from frequent attacks done by modern day sectarian cultists. We like to convey a message to the readers that we have no intention to disregard or demean any ideology rather we like to highlight their actual position in Hinduism which is hardly demeaning or disregarding.

Here we establish the supreme truth of our paramparika sanatana dharma which is the Supremacy (Paratva) of Paramaatma Vishwanatha and also prove that all genuine followers/propounders of astika (theistic schools) darshanas prior to 9th Century CE (or prior to the sectarian era) held supremacy of Parameshvara Shiva alone. We also prove Adi Sànkaracharya’s Advaita system held supremacy of Parameshvara Shiva alone irrespective of their special position and worshippings to devatas like Vishnu etc:

Whatever is published in this site, is a faithful reproduction of the thoughts and works of ancient traditions. We have taken great care to not intersperse this with our own ideas or conceptions. If there are any mistakes on this site (and undoubtedly there are), they are likely to be minor issues which do not impact the overall message that is to be communicated.

We are Dashanami Advaitins, followers of Prachina apaurusēya Shaivism and principles taught by Bhagavad Sànkaracharya. However this site contains information about different Prachina ideologies of Sanatana dharma, because irrespective of different spiritual practices and ideologies among different prachina sampradayas, the one common thread underpinning their thoughts is Shiva-Paratva (Supremacy of Shiva alone).

Conclusively we would like to state that it is not our intention to hurt or offend any Vishnu-bhaktas or Vaishnavism, but only to reveal the actual position of ‘Sri Vishnu’ (i.e baddha jivatva who’s ever dependent on grace of Lord) according to prachina sanatana dharma (i.e the purest form of srutis) and thereby we would like to conclude that this is just our miniscule work to correct our dear & innocent Vishnu bhaktas who are living in an erroneous utopia just like how a sheep trusts her owner with faith until she sees the slaughter house and realises the real nature of her owner which is butchery, and we also strongly establish the fact that all sectarian so called acharyas who eulogised Vishnu’s supremacy (who’s actually a baddha jivatma by nature) were absolutely flawed(even bigoted in some cases) and illogical people who were enraged due to sectarian conflicts during their times. So conclusively our main motive deals with decoding the prima facie view – ‘Vishnu is superior or equal to Supreme Lord Sriman Mahadeva’.

|| Sarvam Sriman Mahadevarpanamastu ||

Parameshwara Shiva – The supreme Brahman of Shrutis.

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