Aum srI mAhaganadhipAtaye nAmaha ||


Namaste! Our humble pranamas to you!.

We are a humble group of Dashanami Shaivas from Varanasi who are the followers of Advaita siddantam of Bhagavad Shri Adi Shankaracharya, our interest deals with indology, exploration and preaching Shaiva siddantam to the noble youth of India.

We would love to tell the readers that our research regarding the history of Adi Shankaracharya, authenticity of different works attributed to him and his actual view on Parābhakti (or sāmpath upāsana) on Supreme Lord has been more or less completed which was started 4 years ago in Kanchi. Our research and exploration was also interested in analysing the later Vaishnavites and their mindset which was filled with unexpected zealotry and fanaticism.

Here in this site we would like to display our research and establish strong facts which are covered by prima-facies just like even the resplendent and luminous sun’s presence cannot be recognised when mere clouds cover it. We donot indulge in judgement of ascendancy of different astika darshanas (with respect to their Vedic caliber) neither do we indulge in Vedantic debates against flawed and illogical siddantas which existed subsequent to 10th century CE, our main motive deals with proving the reality that Lord Shiva alone is the supreme Lord according to prachina (Ancient) Sanatana dharma (Hinduism) and all rishis from “Satyakama Jabala to Shvetashvatara and Maitreya” of Vedāntic age held supremacy of Lord Shiva alone.

We also establish the fact that all 6 astika darshanas which were genuinely in practice subsequent to Vedic age held Lord Shiva alone as the Supreme Lord who’s to be worshipped by Bhaktas, Yogis and Jnanis unequivocally.

So we kindly request our humble readers who are truth seekers to support us and exhibit a sincere intent and open mindset in understanding this effort of us.

~ Humble Vishwanatha sevaka.